The Guided Child is an independent allied health referral service and speech-language practice. We help parents navigate and find appropriate allied health therapists and clinics for their child in Singapore. We also offer personalised and comprehensive speech and language assessment and intervention consultations.

We are unique as, through experience, we have an understanding and deep appreciation for other allied health and educational services and how they interact with each other.

“Jacquie is a wonderful and talented speech pathologist. We needed assistance for our (then 8 year old) daughter who due to a learning disorder was having difficulty reading, writing & spellingJacqueline demonstrated such a calm and relaxed approach to our daughter, who was very resistant to getting support. Jacquie was able to win her over and introduce the Spalding method, which integrated her reading, spelling and writing. Meeting Jacquie was such a turning point for our daughter who has shown astounding academic progression in the years that followed. She is now 14 years old and while her learning disorder is a constant challenge every day, she has the skills that help her continue to grow academically.  I have no hesitation in recommending Jacquie to future clients.” 

Sharyn S

“Our son was diagnosed at age 4 with speech and language delay as well as sensory integration and fine motor deficits. We met Jacquie through his school and she set about thoroughly assessing his skills in a very non-threatening way. Under her care, he made amazing progress with his receptive and expressive language as well as his handwriting and general self-confidence. Our son loved going to see her each week and even though some things were hard for him, she seemed to find a fun activity to settle him down and the difference the sessions made to his ability to succeed in school was quite remarkable. Thanks to her faith in him as a capable learner and her individualised program, he is now doing well in school and is known for his exceptional communication skills! He confidently approaches strangers to ask questions and make new friends. From a child who could barely say his own name, to the confident 12 year old he is now, we are eternally thankful for Jacquie’s influence on his language, fine motor development and confidence.” 

Wendy M

“Jacquie has changed my daughters life. Prior to her intervention, my daughter was struggling socially and academically. Jacquie identified the issue that was creating the speech and language problem ( even though previous testing had ruled this issue out), and gave us an appropriate referral to a specialist. After surgery and intensive therapy, we were able to address this delay. Jacquie is professional yet has a disposition that children immediately warm to. I can’t thank Jacquie enough for all that she has done for Poppy. “ 

Danya G