• A virtual meeting to understand your child’s presenting issues
  • Reading and integrating any available reports
  • Developing a personalised shortlist of clinic and therapist recommendations based on information provided
  • A post consult ‘check in’ to see how things are progressing in your chosen direction

Cost: $250

This consult is right for you if:

  • You have a valid assessment and you want a well-matched therapist that specialises in your child area of need.
  • You have been told your child needs an assessment by speech-language therapist, occupational therapist, psychologist and you want a well-matched therapist/professional that specialises in your child’s known area of need.

At a parent teacher conference, Lucy was told that her five year old son needed to see an occupational therapist. Lucy wanted the best match for her child’s needs and wasn’t sure if home based or clinic based would be best for her son and family. At the initial discussion, we got to understand the red flags that were concerning the teacher. Lucy was given occupational therapy options around her area that specialised in her son’s major area of need and who was also a good personality match for her son and family. Weekly home based therapy was started with a therapist that specialises in the child’s specific need. At ‘check in’ a few weeks later, the family reported they were very happy with their therapist and expressed relief that their son was now on the right path to address his presenting issue with the right professional.


  • An in-depth initial meeting to get to know your child and family’s presenting needs and priorities
  • A thorough case history to help understand your child’s profile and history
  • Reading and integrating any available reports (school or therapist reports)
  • Individual meetings with relevant professionals ( e.g. teachers/doctors/tutors) to help understand the presenting issue/s
  • Creation of a ‘blueprint’ for your child which shows various directions that may be suitable for your child
  • A face-to-face meeting discussing the various options and together we work through the strengths and weaknesses of each direction
  • Once you have chosen your direction, we develop a personalized shortlist of  recommendations based on your chosen direction
  • Streamlining the intake process making it fast, stress-free, and smooth
  • A post consult ‘check in’ to ascertain satisfaction and progression of the chosen direction

Cost: $440

This consult is right for you if:

  • You have concerns for your child’s development or skills and want a coherent personalized pathway to address the issue/s
  • You are at a crossroads with your child’s journey and you want help putting the pieces of the puzzle together for your next steps.
  • You have concerns about your child’s development or skills and want possible directions explained to you in an objective manner
  • You want clear and unbiased help to understand and organize your child’s current situation

Lulu was in P1 at a local school and was having significant learning and some fine motor issues. Despite extra assistance and tutoring, she continued to struggle and fall behind. Previous assessment detected some inattentive behaviours but recommendations were to revaluate in twelve months if difficulties persisted. Lulu also had a medical profile which saw her needing specialist assistance. Lulu’s parents were unsure how to proceed as they didn’t want to waste time or mis-direct funds. Some people said they should employ another tutor, some said to go back to the psychological service and some suggested working with an occupational therapist.
After taking the time to understand Lulu’s learning profile, various options were presented to the parents on possible next steps. The strength and weaknesses of each step were discussed at length. After these discussions, Lulu’s parents chose the direction they felt was right for them and chose from a shortlisted group of appropriate professionals. Their intake was streamlined to their clinic of choice and the next chapter of Lulu’s journey began with parents feeling informed and confident. At ‘check in’, parents reported they were in ‘good hands’ with their professional and were happy to be on the right path.