The Guided Child is a consultancy service.

We guide parents to therapists and professionals for their child’s individual needs.

So often we hear “Does anyone know a good speech therapist” or “Where do I go for occupational therapy?” or “Who is the best psychologist to see?”.
Our answer is always the same – “For what issue?”

Just as each child is unique, each therapist is unique. Although each therapist in a profession has similar university qualifications, they all have different specialisations, different experience and bring a different approach to their sessions. For quality therapy and effective progress, a good ‘child – therapist’ match for the child’s current need is ideal.


  • We take the hard work out of finding the right therapist or professional for your child’s individual need, so you can get to the bottom of the presenting issue.
  • We listen to your concerns and respond to your questions in everyday language.
  • We can share evidence-based information, possible paths you may take and refer you to sources of information that are reputable and evidence based.
  • We help you put together the pieces of the puzzle, without pushing specific assessments or approaches that promise results.


“Jacquie helped us to find the right experts to help our daughter who has a number of issues with learning. The process of finding suitable experts to help with a particular developmental issue is extremely daunting and we struggled to understand the different responsibilities, skills and approaches of different experts in the field, be they therapists, psychologists, educators or clinicians. Jacquie was tremendously helpful because she was, with her background, able to understand and identify our daughter’s learning issues and to recommend the right professionals we should approach as a starting point. She was also able to explain her reasons for her suggestions clearly. As a parent in Singapore where medical costs can be extremely high, it is most helpful to have someone knowledgeable suggest a way forward. I suspect that without Jacquie’s help, we would have approached various professionals in a much less informed way. Jacquie is a lovely person, a good listener and very approachable. I am happy to say I found her help and advice most valuable and would recommend her services to parents in a similar situation.”

Lulu was in P1 at a local school and was having significant learning and some fine motor issues. Despite extra assistance and tutoring, she continued to struggle and fall behind. Previous assessment detected some inattentive behaviours but recommendations were to revaluate if difficulties persisted. Lulu also had a medical profile which saw her needing specialist assistance. Lulu’s parents didn’t know where to turn to next. Some people said they should employ another tutor, some said to go back to the psychological assessment service and some suggested working with an occupational therapist.

After taking the time to understand Lulu’s learning profile, various options were presented to the parents on possible next steps. The strength and weaknesses of each step were discussed at length. After these discussions, Lulu’s parents chose the direction they felt was right for them and chose from a shortlisted group of appropriate professionals. Their intake was streamlined to their clinic of choice and the next chapter of Lulu’s journey began with parents feeling informed and confident. 

“I was quite stressed when moving to Singapore and was worried about how Sam would handle everything. He and I were very attached to our New York speech therapist and the idea of starting all over again in a new country was overwhelming. After meeting with Jacquie, I felt at ease as she took the time to understand Sam’s and my needs and helped us find a brilliant speech therapist who was a great match for us. Jacquie helped with the intake process and also helped me find other classes and playgrounds suitable for Sam. It was such a load off my mind to have Sam settled quickly and progressing in therapy again.”